Many of the audio files on this page have been copied from cassette tapes, some as much as 30 years old, and more.  Consequently the quality isn't the best but it is hoped that good can be accomplished in spite of that shortcoming.  Some of the speakers are no longer living and some may no longer be "steadfast in the apostles doctrine" (Acts 2:42).  This posting is not necessarily an endorsement of the man but simply a presentation of the lesson given on the occasion listed.

Spiritual Sword - 1979

Atheism & the Home - Camp
Breakdown of Authority - Highers
Counseling Divorced - Hanson
Evolution Threat Home - Thompson
Greatness of Married Love - Music
Guilty Cannot Remarry - McCord
Guilty Not Free - McCord
Humanism  Threat - McGee
Husband Wife Team - Boyd
I Cor. 7 vs Matt. 19:9 - Meredith
I Corinthians 7 - Meredith
Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage - Connelly
Matt 19:9 Not Contradict I  Cor. 7 - Meredith
Matt 19:9 Not Covenant1 - Deaver
Matt 19:9 Not Covenant2 - Deaver
Matt 19:9 Not Covenant3 - Deaver
Matt 19:9 Not Covenant4 - Deaver
Morals Affect Future - Turner
Mutual Obligation - McCord
Reasons for Unfaithfulness - Watkins
Role of the Home - West
Sexual Revolution - Connelly
Sinfulness of Divorce - Pryor
Threat of Homosexuality - Meadows
Unscriptual Divorce - Connelly
Why Marriage Fails - Warren
Women's Lib - Claiborne
Women's Lib ERA - Claiborne

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1981 - Church Problems

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage 1 - Warren
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage 2 - Warren
Modern Versions - Deaver
Restoring a Lost Brother - Elkins
Steadfast, Unmovable - McCord
Total Committment Movement 1 - D. Sain
Total Committment Movement 2 - D. Sain
Women's Role - Deaver

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1982 - Church Problems, Remedies

Church Discipline - D. Sain
Cults Among Us - Meredith
Personal Evangelism - Barber
Premillennialism - Elkins
Social Problems Facing Us - Barber
Submission to Elders - Taylor
True Discipleship - D. Sain
What's Right With the Church - Meredith

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1985 - Take Up Thy Bed and Walk

Take Up Thy Bed and Walk - Watkins
The Walking Wounded - Coats
Walking Against the Wind - Clark
Walking in Purity - Colley, Gary
Walking in Purity - Colley, Maggie (Ladies Class)
Walking in The Light - Colley
Walking Tall - Eaves
You Never Walk Alone - Coats

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1986 - Church, Flesh, Spirit

Church, Flesh , Spirit - Sain, David
Efforts at Church Unity - Doran
How the Spirit Leads - McClish
Matters of Morality - Hester
Religious Issues - McClish
What is the Church - Hester
Working Together - Sain, David

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1988 - Life in the Spirit

Kindness - Pryor, Neal
Faithfulness - Colley, Gary
Patience - Dale, John
Peace - Pryor, Neal
Love - Colley, Gary

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1989 - Grace All Sufficient

Amazing Grace - Don Flatt
Grace and Redemption - Leamon Flatt
Grace and Depression - Bill Flatt
Grace and Glory - Dowell Flatt
Hiram Way, Preacher - Leamon Flatt
Abortion - Don Flatt
Let The Church Roll On - Dowell Flatt

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1991 - Ready to Give An Answer

Contrasts and Trends 1 -  Windle Kee
Humanism 1 - Wayne Jackson
Humanism Refuted - Wayne Jackson
Contrasts and Trends 2 - Windle Kee
New Age Movement - Winford Claiborne
Discipling Movement - Earl Edwards
New Age Movement 2 - Winford Claiborne
Discipling Morement 2 - Earl Edwards

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1992 - Ready to Give An Answer  2

Establishing Bible Authority - Roy Deaver

How Do We Interpret The Bible - Roy Deaver
The Identity of the Church - James Boyd
Why Don't We See the Bible Alike - James Boyd
Are Restoration Principles Valid Today? (1) - William Woodson
Are Restoration Principles Vallid Today? (2) - William Woodson
Instrumental Music Question - Alan Highers
Women's Role In the Church - Alan Highers

St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship - West End
September, 1993 - Help for the Family

What is The World Doing to Families - David Sain
Marriage - Love God, One Another - James Watkins
Moral Issues Facing the Church - Terry Hightower
Beauty of the Home - Winfred Claiborne
The Ideal Marriage - Winfred Claiborne
Preventing Divorce - David Sain
False Ideas for Marriage - Terry Hightower
Your Marriage Can Be Great - James Watkins