Several months ago, the Christian Chronicle published the results of a poll conducted among young people in churches of Christ.Sit down before reading the results.500 young people were polled in 14 states by the Center for Youth and Family Ministry at Abilene Christian University (take not that the wording of the questions sounds more denominational than biblical, which may say something about the source of the poll).

The percentages given represent those that AGREE with the statements. Brethren, it is later than we think.

1.The devil actually exists: 92%

2.Letting Jesus be Lord and Savior is essential for salvation: 90%

3.Sex outside of marriage is wrong: 86%

4.God guided the authors of the Bible as they wrote: 81%

5.God extends salvation by faith and baptism: 80%

6.God will punish the wicked in a literal hell: 79%

7.The Lordís Supper should be taken by believers on the first day of the week: 70%

8.Abortion is wrong: 66%

9.Church membership doesnít matter as long as you love God: 66%

10.Evangelism is the most important work of the church: 48%

11.Adultery is the only biblical reason for divorce: 39%

12.Christians should be very different from the world in dress, language, etc.:


13.Nations who do not hear about Jesus have no hope for salvation: 23%

14.Christians should only marry Christians: 22%

15.It is wrong for girls to lead youth group devotions or singing: 11%

16.Women should never take a leadership role in worship: 22%

17.There is little difference between the church of Christ and other denominations: 16% (The Lordís church is not a denomination. EJ.R.)

18.One must be an active member of a church to go to heaven: 14%

19.Using mechanical instruments during church is sinful: 10%


Eddie Parrish