by Kevin Rutherford


A few days ago the small light switch on the fan in my daughterís room quit working.It was a relatively simple procedure to replace the switch.When I took the old switch out, I placed it in my pocket and forgot about for a while.Later I noticed it in my pocket and pulled it out.When I pulled it out of my pocket and examined it I was struck with how simple in design the switch was.Although the switch was simple in design, there was no mistaking that it was designed.

I was reading recently about the various properties of water.Water makes up 70% of the weight of the human body.The thermal properties of water, the surface tension of water, the ability of water to work as a chemical solvent, the low viscosity of water, the diffusion rate of water, and the density of water are all perfect for the sustaining of life on earth.In something as simple as a molecule of water there is great evidence of design.

As scientists discover more and more about this universe in which we live the body of evidence which indicates intelligent design grows more and more. Proof of Godís existence is all around you (Romans 1:20).Open up your eyes and see it.Donít be like the fool who ignores the evidence (Psalm 14:1).