Actually, most people would answer the question in the affirmative.  The majority of people which I come into contact with profess to be “Christians.”  But are they really Christians in the biblical sense of the word?  (You might wonder, what do you mean, in the biblical sense of the word? Well, it is apparent that the word “Christian” has taken on a broader definition than the Lord intended.)

The Bible says that “the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch” (Acts 11:26).  In the first century, Christians were individuals who were disciples or followers of Christ.  They exalted the name of Christ (Acts 4:12), were careful to teach His doctrine (2 John 9-11), and were even willing to suffer and die for Him (I Peter 4:16).  Their Christianity was more than mere words, for it was active and plain for all to see.

Jesus said, “If ye continue in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed” (John 8:31).  To continue in the word is the same as abiding in the doctrine of Christ (2 John 9).  This is where we find the distinction between those who call themselves “Christians” and those of the first century who taught what God had ordained, and were actual Christians!  Far too many today teach their own doctrine and still profess to be Christians.

Many today who profess to be Christians are teaching salvation by “faith only,” which true Christians know to be a falsehood (Cf. James 2:24).  And yet others are teaching salvation apart from the church— falsehood (cf. Ephesians 5:23).  And yet others are denying that baptism is essential to salvation (cf. Acts 2:38).

If we carefully observe the biblical definition of the word, we find that Christians are those who have obeyed the gospel of Christ (Romans 6:17); through faith in Christ (Acts 15:9), repentance of sins (Luke 13:3, 5), confession of Christ (Romans 10:9-11), and baptism for the remission of sins (Mark 16:16; Acts 22:16).  They are careful to adhere to and live according to the teachings of Christ (Acts 2:42).  And it is their mission to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10; Mark 16:15).

Now, based on the biblical definition, ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?