by Kevin Rutherford


There are many in the church today who want to change worship in such a way as to please themselves rather than God.The most obvious example is of those in the church who do not see anything wrong with the use of instruments in worship.Some of these individuals and congregations are suggesting that the use of instruments in worship is simply a matter of opinion.With such an attitude becoming so prevalent it will not be long before the instrument will be seen in congregations of the Lordís church that once stood opposed to such innovations.

One must wonder what would cause our brethren to give in on this important issue.Perhaps it is ignorance.Maybe Christians have not been taught some important principles about interpretation and authority that help us to decide what God allows and what He does not.Maybe Christians have not been taught the reasons why we do not use instruments in worship.However, ignorance is not an excuse acceptable to God (Acts 17:30; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9).

If it is not ignorance then perhaps, in some, it is arrogance.Does it not require the utmost of arrogance for a man to decide he can do things his way rather than Godís way (Isaiah 5 5:8, 9)?Such arrogance will cause a person to be lost (James 4:7-10)!