by Kevin Marr


            This week’s article is aimed more at those who are young, than those of experience.  However, to those who are older and wiser, this will probably serve as a good reminder!  In the book of Proverbs, Solomon spends much of his writing in extolling the virtues of wisdom, while condemning and warning against following the path of fools.  Today, this message is just as needful as it was in the days of Solomon.  And just as Solomon was writing primarily to his own son, preparing him to be king one day, so today, Solomon is preparing the young on how to live.

One message he tries to teach the young is to be careful with whom you hang out.  The lesson sounds just like something our parents always told us, “Pick your friends carefully,” and “Don’t hang out with the wrong crowd,” but there is much wisdom in Solomon’s sayings.  How many of us, as youth and young adults, spend day after day in our heads thinking, “Man, I wish I knew what to do,” or “I hate not knowing how to deal with this?”  Like it or not, the reason we wish we knew more is because we simply do not know enough yet.  And just like that naive little brother or sister we had, who would believe anything we told them, even to the point of getting into trouble, so it can happen to those who are older teens and young adults.

If you’ve seen all six episodes of Star Wars released in theaters, then you realize just how easily Anakin Skywalker was fooled and led to the “Dark Side.” He was not trying to be evil; he just wanted to protect those he loved and to do the right thing.  But he took counsel from the wrong source and his naivety of youth led him down that dark path to evil.

So, let us not be fooled in our young age into believing a lie.  Rather, let us heed the words of Proverbs 17:12 which says, “Let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs, Rather than a fool in his folly.”  Stick by the truth that you have studied for yourself in the Bible.  And filter everything you hear through what the Bible says.  By allowing the Bible to filter out the evil things in life, you will know when someone is “talking smack” (to use a modern day phrase), and you will not be easily misled.  Now, who could disagree with sound advice like that from Solomon?  Listen hard—think carefully—act slowly!