“Casual Dress” In Worship


Another example of churches trying to give people what they want instead of what they need is the advertising of “casual dress”—come as you are to worship God. It’s okay to wear cutoffs and sneakers.

Not far from here, a young man served communion while wearing a T-shirt that advertised a particular brand of beer.  It is interesting that the word “profane” means “to take what is holy (such as God and the things of God) and treat them as common.”  What a disgrace!  Outrageous!  What in the world was he thinking?

We appreciate it when you wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.  When asked what is appropriate to wear I responded, “Just wear what you would wear to your best friend’s funeral.”  Jesus is our best friend and we assemble to commemorate His death (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 11:20-26).

Though we are not under the Law of Moses, it is interesting that the priests were not to have a casual attitude in their dress while engaged in worship (Exodus. 39).  We have a better covenant, based on better promises (Hebrews 8).  Today, all Christians are priests (Peter 2:9).

The clothing we wear is dictated by our attitude toward the occasion.  We dress respectfully when attending a funeral.  It is a solemn occasion.  We choose appropriate attire when attending a wedding.  I have never seen shorts, sneakers and T-shirts at a funeral or wedding.  We wear casual clothes when working in the yard because we have a casual attitude toward yard work.  We wear casual clothes when engaged in sports because we see it as a casual occasion.  We wear casual clothes when taking out the garbage because we have a casual attitude toward the job.  We wear casual clothes to worship the God of the universe because we have a ______________? (You supply the reason!)

You are invited to attend where God is revered and not treated casually or as common.  Will you wear what is appropriate?

Author Unknown

Submitted by Larry Edmunds