by Kevin Rutherford


We are told that many Americans are overweight.  Many Americans are working to correct the problem by using drugs, or having surgery.  However, it still seems that the safest way to loose weight is to eat properly, get plenty of sleep, and get plenty of exercise.  Paul recognized the benefit of bodily exercise when he said, “bodily exercise profits a little (1 Timothy 4:8).” Anything you do for the sake of your health has some profit in it.

Anything you do for the sake of your spiritual health has a lot of profit in it.

Your body belongs to God and it is good to take care of it, but you will not get to take your body with you when you go (1 Corinthians 6:19; James 2:26).  Spend some time taking care of your body, but spend much more time taking care of your soul.  Attending Bible classes, worship, gospel meetings, reading your Bible, and praying to God are all forms of spiritual exercise that your soul must have. Don’t let your soul get out of shape.  If we fail to exercise physically we may loose our lives sooner.  If we fail to exercise spiritually we will loose our souls in eternity.