by Kevin Rutherford


Isnít it wonderful to watch the flowers grow in the spring?It is surely amazing to see trees, bushes, and grass grow.This is the natural course of life. Let us suppose a young tree stops growing before it is fully mature.We might suspect something was wrong.I have a very small tree (knee high) in my backyard that appears to have stopped growing.When examining the little tree I noticed the branches and trunk were very dry and brittle.Although a few leaves still grow on the tree, the tree has quit growing in height and is dying.I will not allow the tree to remain too much longer.Soon I will cut the unproductive little tree down.

Isnít it wonderful to watch new Christians grow in the spring of their Christianity?It is surely amazing to see them increase in fervor and knowledge. This is the natural course of spiritual life.However, there are some Christians who reach a certain point and stop growing.When that happens we must suspect that something is wrong.The writers of Hebrews knew something was wrong when early Christians stopped growing (Hebrews 5:12-14).Christians who stop growing will die and God will one day cut the unproductive Christian down (2 Peter 2:20-22).

Let us make sure we are constantly growing through prayer, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and resistance to temptation.