by Kevin Rutherford


There are men and women in politics who are seeking to bring glory upon themselves.  They love the attention and power their offices hold.  There are athletes who don’t work well with their teammates because they are seeking to be glorified for their greatness.  There are even elders and evangelists in the Lord’s church who love to receive the glory and praise of men.  Some elders make decisions based on the popularity they will have if they please the most people.  Some preachers compromise the truth in order to receive the glory and praise of men.

Some of the Jewish leaders actually believed in Christ but they refused to confess Him because “they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God “(John 12:42, 43).”  These men were seeking their own glory.  Seeking their own glory put them at odds with seeking to do God’s Will.

Though Jesus Christ certainly is worthy of glory, praise, and honor, He did not come into this world seeking His own glory (John 8:50).  Jesus came here to please His Father and in so doing to Glorify His Father.

Don’t seek your own glory.  That will lead down a path to eternal damnation.  Seek to glorify God and be saved.