by Kevin Rutherford


Most people in the world have rejected Christ.  This is as Christ predicted (Matthew 7:13, 14).  In fact, many of those who claim to follow Christ have actually rejected Him. Jesus spoke of these individuals also (Matthew 7:21). When anyone rejects the Word which Jesus delivered, they have rejected Jesus (John 12:48; 16:13).

The denominational world continues to spew out the doctrines and commandments of men.  In so doing they have made their worship vain, and are causing many souls to be lost (Matthew 15:9).  There is a doctrine concerning salvation that many man-made churches hold in common.  It is the doctrine which states that one is saved when he “accepts Jesus Christ into his heart as his personal Savior,” and prays “the sinner’s prayer.”  Where is the “sinner’s prayer” in the Bible?  There is no such doctrine in the Holy Scriptures.  Therefore, these denominations are actually teaching people to reject Christ.

If a person will truly accept Christ as his Savior he will do as the Savior says (John 15:14).  Those who do not obey Christ are lost (Hebrews 5:8, 9). Most who teach one is saved at the point of faith when he “accepts Christ into his heart as his personal Savior,” and prays the “sinner’s prayer,” will ignore what Jesus said in Mark 16:16.  Jesus said one must believe and be baptized to be saved.  If one has not been baptized for the remission of his sins he has rejected Christ (Acts 2:38).