Garden City church of Christ, Garden City, Michigan


Fifteen couples who have been married a total of more than 900 years attended a Golden Anniversary Party and shared their views on marriage. Following is a list of necessary ingredients for a successful marriage, according to these who have succeeded in the relation ship


1.  Have a long courtship.

2.  Approach marriage seriously.

3.  Be sure that you love one another when you get married.

4.  Agree to live together for life.

5.  Marry a Christian.

6.  Put God first.

7.  Live by God’s Book

8.  Learn to give and take.

9.  Live one day at a time.

10.  Grow to love each other more each day.

11.  Work and share together.

12.  Show respect and consideration for each other.

13.  Be happy and optimistic.

14.  Agree on child rearing.  Use a switch on the children when they need it, but never strike a child when you are angry.

15.  Provide good meals for the family.

16.  Be patient.  Problems will work themselves out if you give time

17.  Never both get angry at the same time.

18.  Respect the husband as the head of the home.


So, there it is—not a treatise by a well—known psychiatrist, but heartfelt statements representing 900 years of following God’s pattern for the Christian home!  Copied.