by Kevin Rutherford


I love Sunday nights because I can return to the church building and worship again with my brethren, because I can express my love and gratitude toward God in the praise I offer, because I can feed off of the fellowship of faithful Christian brethren, because it gives me one more shot of spiritual strength before facing the new week.I am so glad most congregations have a Sunday night service.However, I am disappointed that so many members refuse to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

Isnít it incredible that some Christians think ball games, TV, movies, parties, and other forms of recreation are more important than assembling with the saints to worship God?It is hard to believe, because Christians are supposed to be those who love God in a completely dedicated way (Mark 12:30). It is difficult to fathom, because Christians are those who are supposed to put God and the church first in their lives (Matthew 6:33).It is difficult to comprehend, because Christians are supposed to be those who love their brethren enough to die for them (1 John 3:16).Surely those who love each other that much will hunger for another opportunity to worship God together.It should be thought strange that a Christian who professes to appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus would be unable to appropriately express that appreciation through a desire to worship God on Sunday nights (John 3:16).

Sometimes there are things beyond a Christianís control that will prevent him from attending all of the services of the church.That is to be understood. However, there are Christians fully capable of returning Sunday night who donít. There are Christians given that opportunity who simply refuse to take advantage of it.Why?While each person is different and the reasons behind this poor decision are different, I would like to offer a few suggestions as to why some Christians wonít return Sunday night.

Some wonít return Sunday night because they are being choked out by the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches (Luke 8:14).Some donít come back because they are new Christians and have not yet developed an appropriate hunger for spiritual growth (1 Peter 2:1, 2).Most who donít come back have not dedicated their lives to God as they should have (Romans 12:1, 2).



by Gus Nichols


I love the church that Jesus bought

And know that it is right;

I go there every Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.

I love to sing the songs of God,

Such worship must be right,

This I do on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.

And may God bless our preacher too,

And give him power and might;

But put a sinner in my place,

I wonít be there Sunday night.

I love to hear the gospel too,

It gives me pure delight;

I hear it every Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.

Iíd go through rain, sleet and snow,

Do anything thatís right

To be at church on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.

I know I need more hope and strength

To keep me in the fight;

For help I come on Sunday morn,

But not on Sunday night.

Yes, we all must someday die;

I hope Iíll be doing right;

So may I die on Sunday morn

And not on Sunday night.