I got home from worship too late to see the shameful halftime spectacle (which I would have turned off long before the strip-tease anyway).  In case you haven’t heard, this year’s halftime show at the Super Bowl featured a provocative, disgusting display of raw sexuality by Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.  It was produced by the sex-obsessed MTV network (does that raise any eyebrows?), and was aired by CBS, the network broadcasting the Super Bowl.  I have seen some brief parts of the footage which has been run on many newscasts since the show has raised the ire of decent people everywhere.  The show was nothing more than two popular music artists blatantly (not merely suggestively) acting out a musically choreographed sex romp.  Janet and Justin groped each other (repeatedly grabbing each other’s buttocks), and rubbing against one another with repeated pelvic contact.  Their routine ended with a striptease when Jason grabbed and pulled the bodice of his steamy dance partner, exposing her breast to the national television audience!  I have also read that the lyrics of the song were about “getting naked” among other unsavory themes.  MTV has denied that they knew the act would include the nudity (calling it unplanned and unrehearsed, apparently they only planned the groping and grinding) and CBS has apologized for the show, but most viewers have concluded the entire raunchy act was planned from start to finish.  MTV’s explanation does not square with its website which proudly shouts the headline, “Janet Gets Nasty!”

Our culture is fast going down the tubes into moral oblivion.  What used to be a football game for family viewing has become a venue for “bump and grind” music acts and commercials filled with suggestive words and images.  If parents are not aware of what MTV is doing to pervert the minds of their kids, perhaps the justifiable hullabaloo that has been caused by this show will help to awaken them to how bad it really is!  The FCC has been deluged with complaints (let me ask you to add your voice to theirs), and the FCC has expressed concern and launched its own investigation.

All of this underscores two of the biggest obstacles to purity which parents and their children must overcome.  Number one is television.  TV networks have been engaged in a race to the bottom for a long time, as ratings and money trump everything else!  TV producers do not have your moral and mental purity uppermost in their minds, SO YOU MUST (Psalms 24:34; Matthew 5:8; Philippians 4:8)!  Viewers fed on such filth cannot help but have minds filled with immoral Images and thoughts which will call forth immoral behavior (Matthew 15:16-20).  And, number two, the music industry is getting “down and dirty” to sell CDs and produce stardom.  Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake, et. al. have gone to the sewer to get attention by shock value (often to cover up their lack of musical talent).  Their antics and lyrics rob children of their Innocence and purity!  I guess even the Super Bowl may have to start including a warning about explicit words and images unfit for younger children. The truth is, this halftime show was not fit for anyone of any age!  And, high

school football halftimes are not far behind with their cheerleader and drill team routines which are nothing more than leg shows for the crowd!  (Please read 1 Timothy 2:9-10 again.) Parents, it is past time to awaken to these evils!