Stealth Language In School Textbooks

by Darwin Hunter


Let me preface these remarks with the observation that there are many fine, moral, decent people in the educational field, I know many Christians who have dedicated their lives to teaching In public schools, and uphold good morals and set a fine example for young people.  However, we should not be blind that many of our educators are under the spell of liberal philosophies which, if allowed to dictate values, would pervert the minds of our youth and wreck the lives of the next generation.

One such example is in the field of the production of textbooks used in our schools.  Recently, the Texas School Board reviewed new textbooks to be used in teaching health classes to high school and middle school students In the State. Texas is the nation’s second largest market for textbooks.  Subtle language was found in the textbooks which clouded the issue of marriage, and would encourage a more open view of the institution.  Instead of using gender-specific terms (like husband, wife, etc.), gender-neutral terms like “married partners” were used.  The text would say; “when two people many” instead of “when a man and a woman marry.”  One board member rightly charged that the language would make room for same-gender “marriages” which Is not even legal in the state. Predictably, those who objected to the gender-neutral language in the books were accused of trying to promote a “political agenda”.  Of course, no such charge was leveled at the publisher of the book who used non-specific language concerning marriage!  Strange, isn’t it?  Only those who seek to promote Biblical morality have an “agenda” that needs to be exposed.

Board member, Terri Leo, led the effort to get the publisher to change the language from what she called “asexual stealth phrases” (such as “individuals who marry) to language which would reflect the state law which still embraces the view that marriage is between a man and a woman.  She won!  Thank God some will not cower in fear before the liberal left’s redefinition of marriage.  We rejoice that some will still stand up for God’s definition of marriage (Genesis 2:18-25).  Parents, pay attention to what those textbooks are leaching your children!