by Kevin Rutherford


There are certain things that we know be true. These are things that we can know with certainty. Johnís first letter says quite a bit about things we can know.


1. We can know that we know God if we obey Him (I John 2:3).

2. We can know love because Jesus laid down His life for us (John 3:16).

3. We can know that we are of the truth (I John 3:19).

4. We can know that Christ abides in us (I John 3:24).

5. We can know that we are in Christ (I John 4:13).

6. We know we love the children of God when we obey Godís

commandments (I John 5:2).

7. We can know that we have eternal life (I John 5:13).

8. We can know that Godís hears our prayers (I John 5:15).

9. We can know that we are of God (I John 5:19).

10. We can know that the world is not of God (I John 5:19).

11. We know Jesus Christ came to this earth to give man knowledge and

understanding (I John 5:20).


Christianity is not some vague, mystical religion that is impossible to grasp. There are certain facts that Christians can know for sure. Do you know the things listed above to be true? If you are a Christian you should know these things with great certainty.