The Sin of Drinking Alcohol

by Dan Goddard


            Beverage alcohol is the number one drug problem in the USA.  What we said about alcohol can also apply to all of the illegal drugs: marijuana, heroine, methamphetamine, LSD, opium, etc.  The Devil’s favorite liquid includes: beer, wine, whiskey, brandy, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, etc.  Proverbs 20:1 says “WINE IS A MOCKER, STRONG DRINK IS RAGING: AND WHOSOEVER IS DECEIVED THEREBY IS NOT WISE.”  Some of the benefits of alcohol include: diseased bodies, crime, divorces, fear, beatings, shame, humiliation, fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, broken homes, hungry & naked children, murder, robbery, rape, poverty, homeless people, murder on highways, and multiplied millions of souls lost in hell.  According to the NHTSA in 2002, 17,419 people were killed in auto crashes involving alcohol – an average of one every 30 minutes.  In 2001 more than 500,000 people were injured in crashes involving alcohol – an average of one person injured every 2 minutes.  When the harm done by alcohol is so prevalent and obvious, what makes one want to defend such a sinful practice?

            Those who wish to drink alcohol will go to almost any length to justify the use of it.  Habakkuk 2:15 says “WOE UNTO HIM THAT GIVETH HIS NEIGHBOUR DRINK…”  A person drinks alcohol because of the effects it has on his body.  Some in trying to justify “social drinking” argue that a little drinking is not wrong.  But you cannot do wrong in moderation.  One cannot lie or steal in moderation.  One cannot commit adultery every now and then and still go to heaven.  Drunkenness is wrong and is a matter of degree of intoxication.  If 5 drinks will make on “sot drunk”; one drink certainly impairs one to a certain degree.  One is simply more incapacitated than the other.  Alcohol is a narcotic drug requiring more and more consumption to satisfy the craving it creates.  Even a small amount is sufficient to start deadening the control centers in the brain.  Isaiah 28:7 says ‘BUT THEY ALSO HAVE ERRED THROUGH WINE, AND THROUGH STRONG DRINK…”

            Alcohol is the way of eternal damnation.  A devil’s hell beckons from the first drink onward.  Alcohol’s most devastating cost is the loss of souls in eternity.