From the Preacher’s Desk


I ran across this article in the “Collinsville Correspondent.”  It was written by their preacher, Brother Terry Mabry.  It has some thoughts that we all should consider this summer.

Vacation times are upon us.  Let us remind you of several matters related to vacationing.  First, take God with you on vacation.  Take your Bibles and do not forget your prayer life.  Assemble with the saints where ever you go.  You should meet for Bible study and worship of God just as if you were at home.  He is worthy of your praise and adoration as much on vacation as when you are at home.  If you do not know where to attend, check with us in the office.  We might be able to help you find a congregation.

Second, remember to act like a Christian Being on vacation does not mean you can act differently.  Dress like a Christian.  Talk like a Christian.  Go to places and do things that are becoming a Christian.

Finally, remember that the Lord’s work continues whether you are home or away.  Leave your contribution or make it up when you return.  Do not use what you would give to the Lord for your vacation!




A lady approached a business man and asked for a donation for a church building.

“Yes, I will give $100,” replied the man, “if you will erect a sign saying, THIS IS A CHURCH OF CHRIST.”

“Oh, no!  We couldn’t do that because it is not a church of Christ,” answered the woman.

“Very well,” replied the man, “I will, still give you $100 if you will put up a sign saying, THIS IS NOT A CHURCH OF CHRIST.”

“Oh, no, sir.  You know we could not do that because it is a church of Christ.”

Wonder what kind of church it was!!

This illustrates the confusion that exists when people think in denominational terms.  People reject the Lord’s name for a man’s and still claim it to be His.

A church that refers to itself as the church of Christ is not using a denominational title, but simply a description of Christ’s ownership (Matthew 16:18; cf., Romans 16:16).

Incidentally, when we hear what some churches who speak of themselves as being “of Christ” practice and teach today we still wonder: “what kind of church it is!”


East Foothill Church of Christ, San Jose CA