by Darwin Hunter


At the present, we are concerned (and rightly so) at the attempts of many to redefine marriage.  The pro-homosexual groups, and pandering politicians, would open the floodgates by legitimating homosexual sin by calling it “marriage? Even if they were successful in doing so, that would not make it marriage in God’s sight.  You might call a duck a cat, but the one who still has a brain will notice that the animal in question still has feathers and webbed feet and is most likely not a cat!  God calls homosexual relations “abomination,” and it will be so even if our courts say otherwise (Leviticus 18:22).


But, have you considered what divorce is doing to the family? Homosexuals, who desire to obliterate the God-designed home, might reason that heterosexuals are doing a pretty good job of that on their own — by divorce Unlawful divorce is also a sin against God, and a crime against the home God designed (Matthew 5:31-32, 19:5-9).  It leaves broken homes, displaced and disaffected children, and adulterous remarriage in its wake.  It is doing more to undermine the home than the militant homosexuals have ever been able to accomplish.  Yet, pulpits have grown silent about this evil, and churches cowardly ignore this deadly menace among their members.  In our nation, laws disallowing divorce have been stricken, and new lenient laws allowing easy divorce have been put in their place.  The result has been that nationwide about 51% of all marriages end in divorce.  Before the homosexuals even came out of their closets, divorce was wreaking havoc on marriage and the home.  We should fight the homosexuals in re-defining marriage without a doubt, but we should also vigorously oppose unscriptural divorce in our land, as well as in the church.


God hates divorce, and so must we (Malachi 2:14-16)!  Let’s preserve our marriages by learning to practice lifelong spousal love.  By all means, fight “same sex marriages but save some outrage for what divorce is doing to the home, too!