by Kevin V. Rutherford


I am so pleased that there are many Christians who are concerned about the spiritual well being of children.From toddlers to teenagers young people deserve to be given the very best when it comes to spiritual training.In an attempt to keep teenagers interested in the church many well meaning Christians have looked to the denominations for guidance.The denominations motivate teen allegiance to their particular brand of faith through entertainment.Christian rock music, drama presentations, and comedy routines are just a few examples. But, is this what young people really need?The answer is no.

The most important thing young people need is a good home.They need a good home where the father is a strong and faithful Christian.He is a man who is actively involved with his family.He must be a man who is actively involved with the church, also.He will be one who takes seriously his responsibility to bring his children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Young people need homes with fathers in them who will lead the family to heaven (Ephesians 5:23; 6:4). A manís greatest joy should be in knowing that his children walk in the truth (3 John 1:4).

A good home for young people is one in which the mother considers the rearing of her children to be more important than making money.The feminists have called the home ďa comfortable concentration camp for women.ĒCountry music songs repeatedly ridicule the idea that a woman can be happy when she chooses to be a homemaker.Sadly, Christian women have bought into this politically correct poison.Strong homes are those in which the mother is available for her children when they need her.Homes in which the mother spends many hours with her children.Not a home where the mother is nothing more than the one who is constantly picking them up and dropping them off somewhere.Titus 2:3-5 is still in the Bible.

Young people also need a strong and thorough education in the Scriptures.They spend hours learning how to be prepared for a career.They spend hours everyday in school learning about the world around us.There is nothing wrong with that.However, there is something wrong with the fact that they practically spend no time studying the Bible.Bible study begins in the home, but the church can help too.Young people need Bible class teachers who are well prepared.They need Bible class teachers who are lovingly interested in the souls of each student.Children are more likely to remain faithful as adults if they are firmly grounded in the truth (2 Timothy 1:3-5; 3:15).The number of clowns they saw juggling bowling pins at a youth event is not likely to cement them in their faith.

Young people also need strong Christian examples among the adults. They should be able to look up to the elders, the preacher, the deacons, the strong and faithful women of the church, and even their parents.They should see people who love God and who love them.They should be able to see in adults the joy in Christian living.

Young people need good friends too.Strong families and proper Bible education are the foundation.However, we must not forget that young people really do enjoy being around friends.It is good for them to have friends and to do things together with friends.Of course, the best friends to have should be those who share the same spiritual goals and beliefs.It is good then, for Christian parents to organize events which bring Christian young people together.Events such as the youth camp, the youth retreat, the Bible bowl, etc.

What do young people need?They need a strong grounding in the Scriptures that comes from good homes, good Bible study, and good adult examples.Thank you to all those interested in the spiritual well being of the young.Let us fight for their souls and give them the grounding they need to keep them faithful to the Lord all the days of their lives (Judges 2:7-12).Let us hope and pray that they too will be interested in the spiritual well being of the generation that will follow them.