by Kevin Rutherford


Suppose you went to the doctor with a mild headache and he said you have an illness that will not allow you to live past tomorrow.  That would be a shocking statement.  I am sure we would have difficulty absorbing those words. However, once the meaning of those words began to sink in, what would we think, how would we feel, what would we do?  Perhaps we would reflect on our lives, contemplate our current situation, and surround ourselves with those whom we love.

What if, when contemplating your life, you realized you were not in a right relationship with God?  What would you do?  Wouldn’t you make it right as quickly as you could?  When you die you go into eternity and there is no coming back for a second chance (Hebrews 9:27).  Knowing that you were going to die the next day would surely motivate you to either be baptized if not a Christian or repent of sin if an unfaithful Christian.

Do you have tomorrow promised to you?  Is it a guarantee that tomorrow will be yours’?  No one knows when he shall die.  Shouldn’t you make things right with God right now?