By Marilyn Sanchez — Cancer victim


Suffering comes to all of us whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.  We all have periods in our lives when it seems we can’t get any lower and we feel terribly alone — even when surrounded by loved ones.

During such hours we forget the One who loved US SO much He was willing to die for us.  Suffering takes us to a place that is hard to explain if you’ve never been there.  Pain does many strange things to you.  Most of all, it overwhelms you with a feeling of sheer loneliness, because it is something no one can share with you — that is, no one on earth.  Our faith should be focused on our Savior Jesus the Christ.  No one has suffered so much as Him.  His father turned His back on Him because He burdened Himself with the sins of the whole world.  He was beaten, mocked, spat upon and nailed to the cross, where He was left to die.

For some mysterious reason, suffering at times pulls us away from God instead of toward Him.  We forget that our strength comes from Him during such unpleasant hours.  At such moments we feel the need for our Christian family more and more.  We need their prayers so very much to help us out of the deep grave of depression in which we find ourselves.  Strength comes from our prayers.  Only by keeping ourselves “plugged in” by prayer to our deepest spiritual resources can we regain sufficient strength to endure and get us through any ordeal.

God has also promised us that He will not place upon us any burden more than we can bear.  God knows us much better than we know ourselves.  Difficult times come to all, but sometimes it seems we are getting more than our share. Prayer is the only way and is the best medicine to get us through.  The apostle Paul was suffering in prison at the time he spoke these words: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God (Philippians 4:6).

Although pain and suffering comes to all in some form, as Christians we know that no matter how low we sink, God is there for us.  We must remember to look up and ask for His help.  God the Father expects us to ask and He promises us an answer.


Note: Marilyn Sanchez has faced her cancer with grace, dignity, and courage. She has been a great source of encouragement to many people. - KVR