Why Did I Get So Little Out Of Worship?

by Bill Jackson


I had a cousin to return from World War II, and stopped off to visit with us a few days, and attended worship with us.He had come from a non-religious background, and it is doubtful that he ever attended the services held by chaplains, weak as they were.I have seen few people so miserable in my life as was that cousin when we were in worship.Hardly any verse could be mentioned or read that he had even heard of, he knew nothing of the New Testament church or the proper divisions of the Bible, and had no idea as to the items of New Testament worship, and no idea that Christianity was a life to be lived outside the services.He indicated he obtained nothing from the Bible study and worship.And, of course, he put nothing into it, either!

Well, in his ignorance of all things pertaining to the Bible, it is understandable that he got nothing from the worship?We are more concerned just now, with those even in the kingdom, and who have been in the kingdom for years, who still would state, I get so little out of the worship?ĒWe firmly believe the same point is true that relates to that cousin of mine: We get something out when we put something in!And, there is no excuse for a child of God to come to worship and study, WITH NOTHING, PUTING IN NOTHING, and then, EXPECTING SOMETHING!

Just think of these points, as I approach and study as a child of God: (1) Every song sung, and expressions in each and every song, can remind me of Biblical truths and let me know of my own need to feel appreciation for God and His efforts for me; (2) Every Bible verse given in the classes and in the worship has a lesson for me and should remind me of my own need to know more of the Bible; (3) Everything expressed in prayer should remind me of my own praying and how I can improve it; (4) Every point made, in song, prayer, remarks at the Lordís table should cause me to be thankful for the sacrifice of the Christ, and should cause me to want to be more appreciative of His death and shed blood; and (5) Every bit of participation in the matter of our giving to the Lordís cause should awaken in me greater appreciation and love for the kingdom, its work, and for the part I can have in it.And, even in the announcements made, I can see opportunities for service in seeing to the sick, shut-ins and the bereaved, to say nothing, of open doors to me if I desire to greet visitors and newcomers and make them welcome.GETTING NOTHING OUT OF THE SERVICES???For shame!

It is still true: I get something when and if I put in something!If I come to worship with an empty bucket, want nothing in it, and by lack of interest block anything that starts to enter it, I will leave with an empty bucket!Keep it up, and the bottom will rust out completely!