Our Greatest Desire


            If someone asked you to spontaneously, without stopping to think, “What is your greatest desire, your fondest wish, that which you just could not be without?”  What would your answer be?  Would it be the welfare of family, an unborn child, would it be riches, a fine home, a comfortable retirement, a little high-powered sports car or something else of a material nature?  Our first reaction to that question may tell us more about ourselves than we might want to know but that we need to know.  If it wasn’t a home in heaven, eternity with God and the saved of this world could it be that we have a problem with the priorities in our lives?

            The book of Revelation is a book filled with signs and symbols (Revelation 1:1).  Through a series of symbols this books shows the triumph of Christianity over evil.  While that and the strengthening of Christians to enable them to endure the kind of persecution they were facing appear to be the main themes of Revelation, we are also treated to some symbolic glimpses of that eternal home.

            Read Revelation 4:1-6.  Thus we have a figurative picture of the God on his throne.  The glory of what John saw could only be described in terms of some of the most precious gems known to mankind; jasper, sardius stone and emerald.

            Read Revelation 21:10-11, 18-25.  Such a beautiful place; but is that the only reason that we should have that eternal destination as our greatest desire?  Read Revelation 21:1-4.  No tears, no sorrow, no pain, no strife, no war, discomfort or concern; but are these the only reasons that we would want to go there?  Oh no, you say and you would be most accurate.  There are only two places available to us as our eternal destination, heaven and that other place called hell.  Read Revelation 20:11-15.   A place that is described in terms just as vivid as those used to describe heaven; but a place of torment, a place of punishment, a place that should cause us to shudder with fear when thoughts of it cross our minds.

            The scripture doesn’t tell us everything about heaven and hell that we might want to know.  But it tells us everything about heaven and hell that we need to know.  If we truly believe the word of God; it tells us enough to make us want to gain heaven and avoid hell.  So what is your greatest desire?  Is it that eternal home in heaven with God our Father?  If it is are you properly prepared to go there?  Invitation