Some of the audio files on this page have been copied from cassette tapes, some as much as 30 years old.  Consequently the quality isn't the best but it is hoped that good can be accomplished in spite of that shortcoming.


Authority of God                                          Bill Schwegler
Be Ye Thankful                                             Bill Schwegler
Beloved Brethren                                          Bill Schwegler
Christ's School, Lessons In                           Bill Schwegler
Church Attendance                                       James Watkins
False Doctrine of Pentecostalism, The           Bill Schwegler
God Doesn't Change                                     Bill Schwegler
Identifying the Lord's Church                       H.D. Simmons
In the Midst                                                  Darwin Hunter
It Is Not a Sin to be Successful                      Dan Goddard
It's Not in Man...                                          Darwin Hunter
Keep Thy Committment                               Nichols
Marriage and the Home                                Darwin Hunter
Motherhood                                                  Darwin Hunter
Night to Remember, A                                  Darwin Hunter
Pride                                                             Dan Goddard
Purpose Driven Church, The                         Bill Schswegler
Redigging the Wells                                      Hugo McCord
Reincarnation                                               Darwin Hunter
Rightly Dividing                                            Bill Schwegler
Rightly Dividing God's Word                        V.P. Black
Saved by Grace thru Faith                             V.P. Black
Spiritual Blessings                                         Bill Schwegler
True Unity                                                     Tommy Duran
Why So Many Religions                                Darwin Hunter
Will God Bless America_ 2-3-76                     Andrew Connelly
Word of God Stands, The                              H.D. Simmons

"Art Thou A King Then?"
At The Opening Gates of the New Year
"Be Thou An Example"
Be Ye Thankful
"By What Authority?"
Can A Christian be a Mason?
Christians Are Peculiar
Church Discipline
Church Discipline - Withdrawing From The Disorderly
Defeat The Devil
Does Everyone Have A Right To His Own Belief?
"Dust On The Bible"
Eight Reasons to Choose the Church of  Christ
Every Person's Biography
Evolution of  a Seed
Four Great Certainties
Great Day or Doomsday?
God and Man
God - Divine Characterics
God Is
God Made All Things New
God - The Goodness and Severity
God's Two Greatest Promises
How Great Is Our Faithfulness?
How To Be A "Doer" - Lesson 1
If I Am Lost?
Is The Ten Commandment Law Valid Today?
"Keep Thyself"
Lessons In Christ's School
Man's Teaching VS God's Teaching
Motivation to Attendance in Worship
Our Spiritual Abundance
Penknife Religion
Pentecostalism - The False Doctrine of
Requiem for a Chosen People
...Resist The Devil...
Respect The Silence of God
Spiritual Necessities
The Essentials of the Art of Living
The Greatness of the Church
The Necessities for Successful Living
The Power of the Word of God
The Purpose Driven Church
The Resurrection - God's Answer to Modernism
The Seed Promise
The Unchangeable Christ in a Changing World
The Way Which Seemeth Right
The Word of God
"Therefore" (I Corinthians 15:58)
This World Is Not Our Home
What Kind of Music Does God Want?
What Would It Take?
When Faith Falters
Who Will Be In Heaven?
Why Is The NIV So Dangerous?
Why They Turned Away From God

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